360-degree All-Sky Panorama (equidistant azimuthal projection)

This panoramic view of the entire sky has been assembled from 51 wide-angle photographcs. The individual images were transformed to a cartesian frame based on galactic coordinates prior to assembly, thus eliminating the distortions introduced by the wide-angle lens. For a detailed description of the technique click here. The final image was then tranformed using an equidistant azimuthal (polar) projection.

Instrument : Minolta 28 mm f/4 piggyback
Film : Kodak Ektapress Multispeed PJM-2 and PJ-400
Exposure time : 30 - 45 min
Dates : July 1997 - May 2000
Site : White Mountain Research Station, California,
Cederberg Observatory, South Africa,
and Altes Lager, Brandenburg, Germany

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©2001 Axel Mellinger